April 29, 2014

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CLUB NEWS – April 27

American Legion Amateur Radio Club
With 700,000 federally licensed amateur radio operators, or "hams," in America, the nation's largest veterans service organization, The American Legion, has formed The American Legion Amateur Radio Club to provide a forum for members of the American Legion family who are engaged in a hobby that provides emergency communications "when all else fails."
In January 2005, The American Legion signed a statement of affiliation with the Department of Homeland Security to support emergency disaster preparedness. A booklet, The American Legion Guide to Post Disaster Preparedness and Response, was made available to posts. Amateur radio support was an integral entity.
Membership is free and open to wartime military veterans who are members of The American Legion and FCC-licensed amateur radio operators. Members of The American Legion Auxiliary, the Sons of The American Legion and The American Legion Riders who are licensed are also eligible and can join by sending their full name, call sign, address and Legion/Auxiliary/SAL membership number to k9tal@legion.org. An attractive membership card will be mailed.
To become a member of The American Legion family, and subsequently join the American Legion Amateur Radio Club, contact Herb Champion at kg4bjh@bellsouth.net, or 205-344-3395. The club station, K9TAL (K9-The American Legion), is located in the national headquarters building of The American Legion on Legion Mall, 700 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Indianapolis, Ind.