TALARC Net Schedule


  • 20 METERS: 2ND SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH, 14.275 MHz, 1800 UTC with Net Control, Bill, KI0CW, and Asst. Net Control, Everett, WA3DVO.
  • 40 METERS: EVERY SUNDAY: The California American Legion Amateur Radio Service (CALARS) meets every Sunday on 7.278 MHz at 2000 UTC (1300 PDT). Dan Curry - K6DLC, American Legion Post 585, District 26 - Amateur Radio Coordinator.
  • 80 METERS: EVERY WEDNESDAY, K5TAL Net of the Gautier-Vancleave Post 1992, Gautier, MS holds a net on or near 3.829 MHz at 0030 UTC (2330 UTC after March 10). TALARC members from MS, AL, LA, AR, TN and TX (and anywhere else) are welcome and encouraged to join in.


IRLP (Internet Radio Linking Project) www.irlp.net. IRLP provides worldwide communication using standard UHF/VHF radios.  Great network!

  • The combined IRLP/Echolink net, normally the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 0100 UTC at the IRLP Node 9735 (Crossroads Reflector)/Echolink *CROSSRDS* Conference, courtesy of Dave, K9DC. Use of IRLP where available is strongly encouraged to practice this great network! Learn about it at www.irlp.net.

D-Star also provides worldwide communication with D-STAR capable transceivers and access to the internet.

  • The TALARC D-Star Net is held the first Monday of each month at 0100Z (0000Z beginning April 1) at Ref56C, Net Control operators are from our own Danville, Kentucky American Legion Post 46/ Wilderness Road Amateur Radio Club W4CDA.
  • K5TAL of Mississippi Post 1992 also accept quick D-Star checkins during their weekly 40m and 80m nets via REF 058B. If you know how, set your text to your call sign/K5TAL (ex: K9TAL/K5TAL). Net Control will acknowledge at end of net.

EchoLink Nets

  • A new EchoLink conference and net is now open! Welcome to Shannon, W6SPY, and the new *TALARC* Echolink Conference now available from the Henry E. Bergdorf American Legion Post 155 ARC (N7ALR) in Idaho. Join the new net each second Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. PST, or 0400 UTC.
  • Also check in on our long-standing EchoLink net the second Saturday of each month at 1700 UTC (1600 UTC beginning April 13) for those hams unable to transmit via IRLP or other digital/VoIP modes on Conference Node *FMCA-ARC*.


TALARC Monthly Nets

National EchoLink and 20-Meter Nets meet the 2nd Saturday of each month.
Echolink NCS and 20M Net Controls are Bill KI0CW, SD and Everett WA3DVO, MD.

A new EchoLink Conference node *TALARC* operates continuously with a net each second Wednesday of the month, courtesy of Shannon, W6SPY, and Idaho Post 155 ARC N7ALR. This conference node is available to any TALARC club or post that would like to start conducting their own scheduled digital nets. Contact Shannon, W6SPY, through k9tal@legion.org

A new All-Digital Net opens every Thursday at 0000 UTC from K5TAL at Mississippi Post 1992. See www.openquad.net for details about using your radio's DMR, D-Star, System Fusion, and other digital voice modes on a common net!

National/Regional 80m Net meets every Wednesday.
Net Control is Don KA5DON, and Mississippi Post 1992 Radio Club K5TAL.

The National D-Star Net meets the 1st Monday of each month.  D-Star Net Control is George, KM4QOY, and members of American Legion Post 46/ Wilderness Road Amateur Radio Club W4CDA.

ModeDayDateTime [Zulu]Where to find the Net
D-STAR KM4QOY1st MondayDec 20100 UTCD-Star REF56C
IRLP ( with Echolink)2nd WednesdayDec 110200 UTC*CROSSRDS*
IRLP Node 9735
EchoLink K9TAL2nd SaturdayDec 141700 UTC*FMCA-ARC*
HF (20M)2nd SaturdayDec 141800 UTC14.275 MHz [+/- 5 kHz]
EchoLink N7ALR2nd WednesdayDec 110500 UTC*TALARC*
Digital, All Voice K5TALEvery ThursdayDec 5, 12, 19, 260100 UTCSee www.openquad.net
HF (80M) K5TALEvery WednesdayDec 4, 11, 18, 250100 UTC3.829 MHz [+/- 10 KHz]
D-STAR KM4QOY1st MondayJan 50100 UTCD-Star REF56C


Interested in taking on the challenge of starting a national or regional TALARC net and acting as net control, either HF or VHF/UHF, including IRLP or modes such as AM, CW or digital? Contact the Legion National Headquarters via email: k9tal@legion.org. Let us know your idea for a particular region, what might be the best time/day schedule for you, and what mode and bands you'd like to try.  We'd be particularly interested in finding an American Legion post amateur radio station who'd like to sponsor TALARC nets. We'll post your operating schedule here!

Updated: Dec 9, 2019