• 20 METERS: 2ND SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH, 14.275 MHz, 1800 UTC with Net Control, Bill, KI0CW, and Asst. Net Control, Everett, WA3DVO.
  • K5TAL Net of Post 1992 Gautier-Vancleave holds a net on or near 3.862 MHz at 7:00 PM CDT (12:00 AM UTC, or 0000) every Wednesday. TALARC members from MS, AL, LA, AR, TN and TX (and anywhere else) are welcome and encouraged to join in this Net. It is also open to all hams, regardless of veteran status or affiliation.
  • 40 METERS: EVERY SUNDAY: The California American Legion Amateur Radio Service (CALARS) meets every Sunday on 7.278 MHz at 2100 hours UTC. All TALARC members are welcome to check in. Dan Curry - K6DLC, American Legion Post 585, District 26 - Amateur Radio Coordinator.
  • 40 METERS: Terry, KE6RWB, brings 40-meter LSB to our list of nets just as band conditions are improving. Please point your antennae to Arizona and check in with Terry every third Sunday of each month at 2300 UTC (6:00 p.m. ET) on 40 meters near 7.245 MHz.
  • 75 METERS: Temporarily “out of service!” But stay tuned…
  • PSK31 NET: Steve, N1AB, in Orange, Calif., is hoping to establish a 20 meter PSK31 net for TALARC digital mode fans. He will be calling "CQ TALARC" at 2200 UTC daily (or as his schedule permits) on or around 14.070 MHz. Watch for him on your waterfall and keyboard your answer! PSK31 is a terrific mode. It is very robust, requires very little power (50 watts is like 2 KW on SSB) and is great fun. And don’t just use your macros in your QSOs. Have a good old ragchew. It’s like texting – only better! (If you have questions or comments about the new PSK31 net Steve would like to hear from you directly at n1absteve@gmail.com.)


      • TALARC D-Star Nets: The D-Star Nets is held the First Monday of every month as The American Legion D-Star Net (TALARC) REF026A, 9:00 p.m. Eastern/0100 UTC. Net Control is Mark, W2UIS, from Rose Shelley Post 1034, Wallkill, N.Y.
      • QCWA (Quarter Century Wireless Association) D-STAR Nets

        QCWA members have to be licensed 25 years or longer, but net is open to all. Net Control is Mark, W2UIS.
        On D-Star: 2nd Monday at 0400 UTC on REF001C, and 2nd Thursday at 0500 UTC on REF030C.

EchoLink Net

The EchoLink net is held the second Saturday of each month at 1700 UTC (12:00 noon EST) on Conference Node *FMCA-ARC*. Download Echolink to your PC or mobile device:



TALARC Monthly Nets

National EchoLink and 20-Meter Nets meet the 2nd Saturday of each month.
QTH 20m Net Control:  Bill KIØCW, South Dakota; and Everett WA3DVO, Maryland
National 40-Meter Net meets the 3rd Sunday of each month.
(New!) Weekly Wednesday night Southern Regional 80m HF Net from K5TAL, Post 1992, Gautier, MS with Net Control Don, KA5DON
QTH 40m Net Control:  Terry KE6RWB, Arizona
National EchoLink/IRLP Net meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month.
National D-Star Net meets the 1st Monday of each month.
Note:  Access to the *FMCA-ARC* EchoLink Conference Node cannot be made via a Repeater.




Time [Zulu]


Where to find the Net



May 1

9:00 PM ET  [0100Z]


REF 026A



May 13

12 Noon ET  [1600Z]


*FMCA-ARC* Conference



May 13

1:00 PM ET  [1700Z]

20 meters

14.275 MHz [+/- 5 KHz]



May 10

9:00 PM ET  [0100Z]


IRLP Node 9735



May 21

6:00 PM ET  [2200Z]

40 meters

7.245 MHz [+/- 5 KHz]

HF (Weekly)


May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

7:00 PM CT  [0000Z]

80 meters

3.862 MHz [+/- 5 KHz]



June 5

9:00 PM ET  [0100Z]


REF 026A


Those of you who would like to take on the challenge of starting a national or regional TALARC net and acting as net control, either HF or VHF/UHF, including IRLP or modes such as AM, CW or digital, please contact Bill Sloan, NZ9S, at the Legion National Headquarters via email: k9tal@legion.org. Let him know your idea for a particular region, what might be the best time/day schedule for you, and what mode and bands you'd like to try.  We'd be particularly interested in finding an American Legion post amateur radio program that would like to anchor a permanent TALARC net.

Updated: May 2017