February 10, 2014

Net Control Station N4TGZ conducted the monthly Saturday IRLP net on the Crossroads Reflector, channel 9205, on Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014. The net began on schedule at 1400 EST (1900 UTC) and concluded at 1431 EDT (1931 UTC). There were 10 check-ins including net control.

NCS N4TGZ Bruce Ashland, VA

10 Check-Ins including NCS

W4LML, Larry, Richmond, VA
K7ZZQ, Johnny, Layton, UT
W9MNA, Mike, Cumberland, IN
KF7WWP, Roger, Apache Junction AZ
K9SYK, Dwight, Avon, IN
KK4WCU, David, Glen Allen, VA
KD7MG, Mike, Layton, UT
KJ9M, Joe, Carmel, IN
K9DC, David, Indianapolis, IN

Start: 1900Z
End: 1931Z

Net Control read the following announcements:
Monthly TALARC Net Schedule
75 METERS, EVERY SATURDAY, 3919 KHz, 1800 CST (0000 UTC) with Art, KG4EYG
20 METERS, 2ND SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH, 14.310 MHz, 1100 CST (1700 UTC) with Bill, KI0CW
40 METERS, 2ND SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH, 7.238 MHz, 1700 EST (2200 UTC)or immediately following the Drake Technical Net, with Craig, W3CRR

The TALARC IRLP Net, for those of you with UHF/VHF and access to a local IRLP repeater, is held the second Saturday of each month at 2 p.m. Eastern (1900 UTC) on IRLP Channel 9205.

Digital Net Using PSK31 Mode
Steve, N1AB, in Orange, Calif., is hoping to establish a 20 meter PSK31 net for TALARC digital mode fans. It will be held at 2200 UTC daily (or as his schedule permits) on or around 14.070 MHz as his schedule permits.

SPECIAL EVENT STATION OPERATION: The American Legion Amateur Radio Club will operate a special event station commemorating the 95th birthday of The American Legion on Saturday, March 15, 2014. K9TAL will operate on 20 meters USB on 14.275 MHz +/- 5 KHz from 1400 UTC to 2100 UTC and on channel five of the Crossroads Reflector, IRLP; tone dial 9205 on any IRLP repeater. Certificate and QSL with 9 X12 inch S.A.S.E. to The American Legion Amateur Radio Club, 700 N. Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

The long awaited and requested American Legion Amateur Radio Club patches are now available. Just go to the TALARC website and click on the Amateur Radio Club patch button for details.

Assistant Net Control Operators are wanted for both nets. If interested, contact HF Net Manager Craig, W3CRR or IRLP Net Manager Bill, NZ9S at k9tal@legion.org.

As always, we invite all amateur-licensed wartime veterans and family members to join The American Legion Amateur Radio Club. Membership is free to hams who are members of The American Legion, The American Legion Auxiliary, or the Sons of The American Legion.

More information about the club is available at www.legion.org/hamradio.

Bruce Delphia, MAEd, EMT-P
Asst. Net Control