February 12, 2014

HF Net report
Sat. 09 Feb. 2014
14.310 MHz
Net commenced 1700 UTC
Net terminated 1800 UTC
Despite less than favorable conditions (poor propagation and heavy QRM from QSO party traffic), 11 stations successfully checked into this month’s 20 meter net. Several were “first timers” and we welcome them to the TALARC band of brothers.
Submitted by Bill Huntimer, 11 Feb. 2014
Stations logged were:
WB9ETS - Charles, Hillsboro, Ind.
WA6NAB - Rich, Duncan, Okla.
WY7RM - Roland, Stillwater, Okla.
K7TRP - Tim, Hillsboro, Ore.
KM0F – Bill, Huron, S.D.
K5KDB – Jerry, Tyler, Texas
N9HKN – Bill, Glenview, Ill. *
AC8KO - Bill, Romulus, Mich. *
W3OB – Jack, Bellflower, Calif.
K8HMS – Steve, Peninsula, Ohio
K9UO – Bob, Portland, Ind.
* Also regular check-ins to the 40 meter TALARC net