Legion memorial database climbs above 2,500
The 9/11 Flight 93 Flag Monument in Shanksville, Pa. (Photo via Michael L. Emerson)

Legion memorial database climbs above 2,500

The American Legion Veterans Memorial Identification Project database has passed the 2,500 mark. It was released to the public in November 2016, after a resolution by the National Executive Committee.

The project encourages American Legion Family members to locate, document, photograph and upload information about veterans memorials and monuments in their local areas. Sites from any war era are welcome. The page is designed to easily upload photos and information via smartphones, even while at the site. This makes it easier to do multiple submissions at one time, as Legion Family and associated community groups comb an area for sites. Entries will be made public after review.

Key points for each submission include:

• A photo or photos (required), of the memorial with no people around

• Location, mapped if possible

• Purpose, such as who it honors and why, in a sentence or two

• Date of installation and who originally installed it

• A brief assessment of its condition today

All 50 states, and a number of foreign countries, are represented in the database; users can search by state to see what has already been submitted before embarking on recording expeditions. The most recently added are listed first. As the rate of submissions has slowed since the 2,000 mark was hit last May, Legion Family members are encouraged to share the database and instructions with anyone they can.