Make a difference for a servicemember

The American Legion strives to ensure our veterans and their families receive the support and recognition they deserve. Every member of our organization is a wartime veteran, so we understand the value of our fellow citizens' support during and after our military service.

Saying thank you is only the beginning of how we should honor America's newest generation of warriors and veterans. Their require continued support and recognition of their unique needs. It is up to every citizen to join with the American Legion and take action to support these brave men and women. There are many ways you can make a difference.


"Thank-you" is just a start

The American Legion provides to aid and support to wounded, injured and ill veterans and their families. Our Operation Comfort Warriors program provides comfort items to patients in Warrior Transition Units, VA medical centers and military hospitals around the world.

Welcome programs, Blue Star Banner programs, Community Covenant programs and other initiatives offer other opportunities to support these servicemembers within your community.


Honor a veteran: Hire one

The unemployment rate among transitioning veterans is higher than that of the general population. The American Legion addresses this by hosting and partnering with others to host job fairs across the nation, by encouraging employers to hire veterans, by offering small business workshops, mentoring opportunities and other career advice.

The American Legion also pursues legislation on Capitol Hill to assist veterans with credentialing.


Support the homefront, too

Military family members sacrifice every day to support their servicemember, and sometimes the going gets rough. These families can always use some sort of support from the community around them. The American Legion Family Support Network and Temporary Financial Assistance Program can help with things as simple as mowing the grass or as important as making ends meet.