Sep 26, 2020

Post #22 will host the District fall meeting in September, unless: Fremont County becomes a Covid-19 hotspot & County officials ban gatherings & meetings of more than 20 people. Meeting is scheduled for the 4th Saturday in September, the 26th of September. St Anthony's Veteran's Hall is located @ 132 W. 1st North, St. Anthony ID.. Across the street & South of the Fremont County Courthouse.

0900: Opening Ceremonies.

Welcome to District 7 Fall meeting
Introductions for Department and District Officers in attendance.
Introductions for AuxiliaryOfficers in attendance.

0930: Joint business discussion

1000: Committee Business. Legion & Auxiliary will separate to conduct business.
Post Reports. Committee Reports. Financial Reports. Membership Report

11:00 Joint Session reconvened, Raffle Results; Unfinished business; New business.
Good of the Order. Closing Ceremony.

12:30 Lunch


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