Tomorrow’s job market takes shape

What will jobs and employment look like in 2020, 2030 and beyond? What are the megatrends shaping tomorrow's careers, and what new opportunities can we and our children look forward to? Although it's vitally important to position yourself for a great job today, be sure to consider tomorrow and all that it will have to offer.

Agriculture & food service

-The job market for clone ranchers and agri-restaurateurs will expand rapidly as trends in organic farming and smart lifestyle choices continue to take hold.

Emerging technologies

-Avatar-relationship managers, digital-identity planners, global-system architects, online- community organizers, roboticians, smart-car designers, smart-road engineers, terabyters and wiki writers are a few new positions.

Health care & human services

-Biobotic physicians, brain-signal decoders (mind readers) and environmental-health nurses are on the horizon.

-Green-careers coaches, post-normal-jobs counselors and transhumanist consultants are starting to emerge in the industry. Organizational management and leadership n Chief experience officers, financial technologists, global sourcing managers and talent aggregators will be seen as early as 2020, and maybe sooner.

Wendy Enelow is co-author of "Expert Résumés for Military-to-Civilian Transitions" and "Executive Résumé Toolkit."