As the Legion recognizes Children & Youth Month, what are the biggest challenges facing young people today?

Economic opportunity, from a lack of decent-paying jobs to careers that cost more in education than they are worth in paychecks.
43% (357 votes)
Health care, a “growing” concern as today’s youth are heavier and in worse physical shape than in previous generations.
3% (21 votes)
Bullying and its psychological impact.
3% (22 votes)
The need for the kind of discipline and patriotism that can only come through military service.
19% (158 votes)
Over-stimulation from social media, video games and smart phones.
26% (218 votes)
This generation is fine. Remember that it was Socrates who predicted the generation following him was careening toward disaster.
7% (55 votes)
Total votes: 831


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