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How are you coping with social distancing?



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Not understanding why renewing my membership is worthwhile. Obviously, there is no meetings as the individual Posts doors are closed. My previous "Post" was considered Lansing, MI where I am over 100 miles away from. I know there are closer Posts but again none are open. Best I can do is renew so that I can reach out to other Legionaires on the American Legion Amateur Radio Club as I am an Amateur Radio Operator. (And, I also have to pay for joining the ALARC as well). Where is of help to me?

Submitted by shield513 : Apr 2, 2020 1:24pm

Doing well, but as an “old fart” with diabetes, I really miss my kids and grandkids. Can’t visit my Navy family in Virginia.

Submitted by rosibekks : Apr 2, 2020 3:45pm

I think its all about perspective. How many of us have been deployed or on a ship for months with out seeing land, no beer, no family. At least I'm at home with my wife, I can grill out and have plenty of beer.

Submitted by paul : Apr 2, 2020 4:16pm

Way to GO Paul. Have a beer for me.

Submitted by g2hawnl : Apr 2, 2020 8:40pm

I've been a social distance person most of my life. So this is nothing. I joined the American Legion last fall and already they are hitting me up to renew my membership. $50 is a bit much.

Submitted by g2hawnl : Apr 2, 2020 8:44pm

When are we going to get our act together. Where is our National Leadership. We were caught sleeping again just like Pearl Harbor.

Submitted by Dave234 : Apr 3, 2020 1:09pm

you can't stop what is to be . lets get back to work and not stay home like a coward

Submitted by rwreu : Apr 4, 2020 3:42pm