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How confident are you in an effective vaccine for COVID-19 within a year?



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Confidence has nothing to do with it. Either the vaccines are proven safe and effective using accepted scientific testing or they are not. Production and distribution of successful products is another matter entirely.

Submitted by iroverster : Sep 17, 2020 2:05pm

They came to our school and we had to get the Salk vaccine in the early 1950s. After nationwide tests proved the vaccine effective, It was not an option. We must wait until the tests are complete. Wear the mask!

Submitted by Dave234 : Sep 18, 2020 4:31am

They've had a flu vaccine for 78 years and we still have flu. Just more BS.

Submitted by marob999 : Sep 17, 2020 2:21pm

I will not get the vaccine. The effectiveness is doubtful as with the flu vaccine and the dangers of the other ingredients in the vaccine outweigh the possible benefits. The vaccine manufacturers are protected from lawsuits brought by vaccine recipients who are injured by the vaccine per federal law.

Submitted by gmcaing : Sep 17, 2020 2:48pm

This is a silly question. We can only wait and see. Our confidence makes no difference

Submitted by kurtlauer : Sep 17, 2020 3:57pm

It is not a silly question. It is testing whether or not we believe Donald Trump when he promises a safe and effective vaccine by election day.

Obviously not many, if any at all, believe him.

Submitted by jsmella : Sep 17, 2020 5:14pm

Don't care about a vaccine. I won't get it just as I don't get flu shots

Submitted by rtjc23 : Sep 17, 2020 5:17pm