SE4EP182 Tango Alpha Lima: “Black Warriors: The Buffalo Soldiers of World War II” with Ivan Houston

IN THE NEWS Knowing the signs of a stroke can save your life - just ask former guest Mark Clifford. How a Hallmark Movie's Take on Air Force Romance Got Cooperation from the Thunderbirds THIS WEEK'S GUEST Ivan Abbott Houston, who was a design engineer and test driver of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, MLRS and Humvee Military Vehicle, shares the story of his father, Ivan James Houston, a Buffalo Soldier who served with the 92nd Division in Italy during WWII, and wrote two books and a documentary film about his experiences during and after the war. RAPID FIRE Free career guidance for Veterans from America's top companies U.S. Army Mariners Rescue A Man Clinging To Plastic Lid In The Middle Of The Ocean VA recreation therapist leads Yak and Yarn group SHOW NOTES

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