SE2-EP58 Tango Alpha Lima: What happened in Ohio

When the Akron Beacon-Journal first reported on the mic cut during a keynote address by retired Army Lt. Col. Barnard Kemter during Memorial Day ceremonies at American Legion Lee-Bishop Post 464 in Hudson, Ohio, all eyes in the veteran community focused on the small town just south-east of Cleveland. Media outlets large and small picked up on the story of post officials who turned off the mic as Kempter made reference to the role a group of freed Black slaves in Charleston, S.C., played in the origins of Memorial Day observances. Team Tango takes the story head-on, breaks down exactly what happened, what went wrong and what was done right, and shares an excerpt of the muted portion of Kemter's address. RAPID FIRE Army active-duty specialists must serve as corporal before being promoted to sergeant. SCOTUS rejects challenge to existing Selective Service men-only registration policy. Senate calls for better coordination of Capitol Police and Guard, but won't establish QRF for Congress Navy denies Midshipman cornerback and NFL hopeful's waiver request to postpone his five-year service SHOW NOTES




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