SE4-EP140 Tango Alpha Lima: Connecticut State Trooper Kyle Kaelberer

IN THE NEWS Jeff and Ashley discuss "Retrograde" – a documentary about the U.S. military's final months in Afghanistan, as seen from an embed with U.S. Green Berets and an Afghan General. THIS WEEK'S GUEST During a patrol on Sept. 11, 2021, Connecticut State Trooper Kyle Kaelberer stopped to check on a driver that pulled off the highway and activated their hazard lights. The bodycam footage of the interaction with the young veteran inside the vehicle has since gone viral, and Trooper Kaelberer has been lauded for his touching show of humanity. Trooper Kaelberer talks about what happened that night, and how to use empathy to de-esclate and help a someone in crisis. RAPID FIRE McLaren and Lockheed Martin partnering to bring fighter-jet technology to supercars, Marine Corps develops technology to pull potable water from thin-air, and a centenarian attributes his longevity to daily workouts at the local gym. SHOW NOTES




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