Legion examines streamlining of non-VA care programs

Video courtesy C-SPAN The American Legion believes in a strong, robust veterans health-care system designed to treat the unique needs of those who have served. However, even in the best of circumstances, there are situations where the system cannot meet the needs of the veteran, and the veteran must seek care in the community. Rather than treating this situation as an afterthought – an add-on to the existing system – the Legion believes the Department of Veterans Affairs must “develop a well-defined and consistent non-VA care coordination program, policy and procedure that includes a patient-centered care strategy which takes veterans’ unique medical injuries and illnesses, as well as their travel and distance, into account,” said Roscoe Butler, deputy director of the Legion's Veteran Affairs & Rehabilitation Division, to members of Congress during a hearing Dec. 2. Read more at http://www.legion.org/veteranshealthcare/230636/legion-examines-streamlining-non-va-care-programs

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