SE3-EP136 Tango Alpha Lima: Fighting the physical inactivity epidemic with Dr. Dan Bornstein

IN THE NEWS A lawmaker frustrated by a the unsolved case of a soldier decapitated in 2020 is pushing the Pentagon to overhaul how it handles cold cases. THIS WEEK'S GUEST The second guest in our fitness and wellness series, Dr. Dan Bornstein talks about the America's Physical Inactivity Epidemic and the impact on military recruiting and readiness. Dr. Bornstein shares simple changes veterans make and resources avialable help them get moving and encourage others to increase physical activity. RAPID FIRE Veterans, Gold Star Families get free lifetime pass to national parks, wildlife refuges, other public lands We salute this Army tank crew that named their tank ‘Come On Bro’ ‘Top Gun’ reimagined with a cat is purrrrfection SHOW NOTES

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