SE4-EP144 Tango Alpha Lima: Controlling the Cyberattack Threat with Jeffrey Engle of Conquest Cyber

IN THE NEWS Now You Can Send Recruiters After Almost Anyone Using Updated Air Force App THIS WEEK'S GUEST Jeffrey Engle, the Chairman and President of Conquest Cyber, talks about cybersecurity threats, and how his team works to help protect critical American assets from ongoing cyberattacks using the philosophies and tactics he learned during his service in the U.S. Army Special Forces Command. Jeffrey also talks about his book, "All the War They Want: Special Operations Techniques for Winning in Cyber Warfare, Business, and Life" RAPID FIRE Veterans Can Now Experience the Smell of Freedom Long After Leaving the Military The risk of too much (or any) alcohol | The American Legion Marines outwitted an AI security camera by hiding in a cardboard box SHOW NOTES

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