SE4-EP148 Tango Alpha Lima: HillVets Founder and CEO Justin Brown

IN THE NEWS Jeff and Ashley talk about the new video game release from Steam Games. “Company of Heroes 3″ takes on a new facet of WWII history, and brings players into the battle between U.S. Forces, British Forces, Wehrmacht, and Deutsches Afrikakorps that ensued during campaigns in Italy and North Africa. THIS WEEK'S GUEST HillVets founder and CEO Justin Brown tells the origin story of how a networking event for veterans working in the Capitol has evolved into a veteran and military community helping one another in their pursuit of continued service in government. Justin explains the leadership and fellowship programs, and how HillVets works with other VSOs to accomplish their mission. RAPID FIRE I'm a U.S. Marine turned Hooters girl - people thank me for my service... of their wings Wisconsin post provides proper send-off to deploying commander African Americans in USCG SHOW NOTES

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