SE3-EP133 Tango Alpha Lima: 49-year-old NDSCS Wildcats Defensive Lineman and ND-ANG Sgt. Ray Ruschel

IN THE NEWS Caring for your chompers can benefit your overall health. Jeff and Ashley extoll the virtues of good dental hygiene and explore dental insurance options offered by VA THIS WEEK’S GUEST We visit with the inspiring Ray Ruschel, who served 20 years in the U.S. Army, is still serving in the North Dakota National Guard, and a is a 49-year-old freshman at North Dakota State College of Science where he is taking business classes and is a defensive lineman on the NDSCS Wildcats Division III football team. Tom Brady, eat your heart out. RAPID FIRE Amityville American Legion Pipe Band will take lead role in 2023 D-Day commemoration ceremonies in Normandy New Army social media policy pushes stricter rules Texting paying off for national vice commander SHOW NOTES

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