American Legion World Series Makes Shelby NC Home Base

"American Legion World Series Makes Shelby NC Home Base" is a segment of Carl White's Life in the Carolinas, which first aired in syndication on July 19, 2014. In this episode Carl takes us with him as he visits Shelby. Competing with cities all over America, Shelby was approved to become the permanent home for the American Legion World Series in 2012. Carl speaks with leaders associated with the American Legion, its world series, and the local leaders who helped bring the series home to Shelby: Daniel Dellinger, the National Commander (2013-2014), Jim Quinan, retired National Director, American Legion Baseball, Gaither M. Leemer, Jr., Commander, American Legion Dept of North Carolina, Eddie Holbrock, Co-Chairman, Shelby Organizing Committee, and Lt. Col. Maury Alexander Williams, Director of Public Affairs, NC National Guard. These men give us exciting details on the history of the American Legion's founding, its role in baseball, and the remarkable journey of how Shelby came to be selected as the home of the American Legion World Series. There were no organizations nor benefits for veterans returning from World War I. The American Legion was founded in 1919 on the principles of national security, patriotism, taking care of the children of veterans, and taking care of veterans. Today there are 13 thousand local American Legion posts across the United States, outnumbering McDonalds and Starbucks! Among the many community programs developed by the American Legion was the establishment of the American Legion baseball in 1928. From humble beginnings, the league now has over four thousand registered teams in the league. For many years various cities bid annually on the opportunity to host the American Legion World Series. Ultimately, it was decided that the World Series needed a permanent home and bids were accepted from all over the country to become that home. A year went into the meticulous production of Shelby's bid, and two chartered buses carried citizens and community leaders to Indianapolis to present their case. It took the committee only two hours to select Shelby! Emphasizing the American Legion's ongoing commitment to patriotism, leaders have reached out to the North Carolina National Guard. The Guard partners closely with Shelby and the baseball park setting up static displays, tanks, Humvees, and climbing walls to provide children hands on entertainment and education. Baseball is as American as Mom's apple pie - come on over to Shelby for some world class World Series baseball excitement! Carl White’s Life In The Carolinas is an Emmy nominated TV and award winning show in its sixth season. It airs throughout the Carolinas. Check guide for air times. For more on the show visit

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