A Vietnam Seabee's Vow: Part 4 - A War Finally Over

In the fourth and final episode of “A Vietnam Seabee’s Vow,” Kansas farmer and longtime American Legion officer David O. Warnken recollects his first visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, where the war finally ended for him and he vowed then to never forget Chief Donald J. Barnes nor any of the others he knew and served with in the Vietnam War. The four-episode series, “A Vietnam Seabee’s Vow,” a story of honor and remembrance leading up to Memorial Day, was produced by Hilary Ott, with interview by Jeff Stoffer, editing by Holly K. Soria and photographic support by Kristy Ehart. Part 1: Farm to Fight - https://youtu.be/O6PEAgkX_dQ Part 2: Bootcamp to Combat - https://youtu.be/yykcnVUubV4 Part 3: Vietnam to Post 68 - https://youtu.be/yb7bvLWqUys

Honor & Remembrance



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