SE2-EP40 Tango Alpha Lima: Sipping antifreeze, writing resolutions and a TSwift sea shanty

Ashley questions the wisdom of a group of soldiers on a field exercise at Fort Bliss, Texas, who thought they'd sneak a round of drinks, but instead ended up hospitalized after ingesting antifreeze. Jeff gets passionate about writing resolutions. CV shares the saga of the U.S. Navy band's cover of a Taylor Swift song remade a sea shanty, the Twitter backlash, and the band member's redemption when they followed up with a mean Tweets video in response. Rapid Fire: Cheaters at the Air Force Academy, Space Force rank structures, COVID vaccines at GITMO, and troops opting out of vaccine Join the Sea Shanty Challenge: Post your Legion sea shanties to Instagram, tag @theamericanlegion and use #TALseashanty Episode links available at

Tango Alpha Lima



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