SE4-EP165 Tango Alpha Lima: Nixon's Secret War with Air Force Veteran Bruce Roberson

IN THE NEWS America Faces Sharp Increase in Aging Military Veterans THIS WEEK'S GUEST Air Force veteran Bruce Roberson served in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. He joins the podcast to talk about his experience working with Air Force Security Services as a military working dog handler on deployments that included the clandestine operations in Laos and Cambodia that later became known as “Nixon’s Secret War.” RAPID FIRE The US Army wants to build a drone fleet, inspired by Ukraine's example, but will not be able to use DJI quadcopters Amid an epidemic of loneliness, nonprofits are helping keep veterans connected All In One: GLA’s Document Day Offers Veterans Easy Access To Critical Documents SHOW NOTES @ExpressoulHWPodcast

Tango Alpha Lima



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