SE291107 Tango Alpha Lima remembers 9/11 with David Whelan, family member of Flight 93 passenger

American Legion member David Whelan shares memories of his wife's cousin, Richard Guadagno. Richard was a vibrant young man, who loved the outdoors, and on Sept. 11, 2001, was on his way home to California, after a weekend spent celebrating the 100th birthday of his grandmother in New Jersey. While the family will never know exactly what happened on United Airlines Flight 93 that day, they have no doubt Richard was working with other passengers to take action. As the 20th Anniversary approaches, in honor of Richard Guadagno, Whelan and his entire family continue to work with the Friends of Flight 93 National Memorial to ensure that America never forgets the nearly 3000 people who died that day.  SHOW NOTES:

Tango Alpha Lima



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