SE4-EP155 Tango Alpha Lima: Military Transition with Sales Platoon CEO John Renken

IN THE NEWS NASA announces the crew of the Artemis II, which includes two former Navy pilots who will circle the moon in late 2024. THIS WEEK'S GUEST Our guest, John Renken, is a former U.S. Army Ranger, former professional MMA fighter, the founder of several churches, and a successful entrepreneur He is owner of online travel booking engine Travel Mavericks; the owner of Southwestern Consulting where he provides coaching for sales professionals; and the CEO of Sales Platoon, a company focused on connecting active duty servicemembers to civilian sales careers. We talk with John about his military career, his MMA experience, and how he uses his experience to provide career assistance for military veterans. RAPID FIRE Singing Legionnaires - where are you? America's best hiking trails 'Kandahar' trailer stars Gerard Butler in escape from Afghanistan SHOW NOTES

Tango Alpha Lima



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