Tango Alpha Lima Be The One EP05: VETS Co-founders Amber and Marcus Capone

Marcus and Amber Capone are the founders of Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions – or VETS – an organization that provides resources, research, and advocacy for U.S. Special Operations veterans seeking psychedelic-assisted therapies. After 13 years and numerous combat deployments as a Navy SEAL, Marcus faced mental health challenges during his transition. When he did not see improvement with traditional treatments, Amber pursued alternative psychedelic therapy – which the couple attributes to saving his life, as well as their family. Marcus and Amber join the podcast to talk about how their own experiences led them to create a resources for other veterans who are seeking alternative therapies. @vetsolutionsorg LEARN MORE www.betheone.org IF YOU OR A LOVED ONE IS IN CRISIS Call the Veterans Crisis Line at 988 and press 1 or visit online at https://www.veteranscrisisline.net/ SHOW NOTES https://tangoalphalima.fireside.fm/talbto-05

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