SE3-EP114 Tango Alpha Lima: "Kilroy Was Here" author Brett Allen

IN THE NEWS Security cam video reveals VA employee body-slamming and beating 73-year-old veteran at Georgia VA Clinic. [NOTE: The incident took place on April 28, and while Lawrence F. Galliard Jr. was arrested and charged, at the time of our recording, he still had his job. WSB-TV reporters posted the video on June 20, and on June 23, VA Secretary Denis McDonough issued an apology to the patient, Phillip Web, and Galliard was indefinitely suspended without pay.] THIS WEEK'S GUEST We're joined by Brett Allen is a U.S. Army veteran who shares how his military experience influenced his novel, “Kilroy Was Here.” He talks about his purposeful effort to steer away from the action-hero or broken soldier stories and focus on shenanigans and dark humor. RAPID FIRE Air Force makes the world’s saddest PB&J sandwich Michigan teen raises more than $140,000 to send Vietnam Veterans on Honor Flight The Buffalo Soldiers Iron Riders Gathering begins in MontanaSHOW NOTES SHOW NOTES

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