SE3-EP102 Tango Alpha Lima: U.S. Space Force Guardian, Lt. Col. Erika Teichert

National Judge Advocate couldn't stay away, so makes a special appearance in honor of this week's guest. IN THE NEWS Emma Noble of Birmingham, Ala., has been crowned as the 2022 National Oratorical Contest Champion, and in celebration, Ashley throws down some Oratorical Contest facts and history. THE INTERVIEW 120 episodes into the Tango Alpha Lima experience, and we’ve finally scored an interview with a member of Space Force! Lt. Col. Erika Teichert started her military career as a U.S. Marine, but transferred to Space Force in January 2022. She shares the story about how she launched her new career as well as explains what Space Force does. RAPID FIRE Tennessee Legionnaires name first female Eagle Scout of the Year. U.S. Army is experimenting with drone swarms that behave like a wolf pack. Military considers three states for permanent Space Force training HQ SHOW NOTES

Tango Alpha Lima



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