SE2-EP44 Tango Alpha Lima: Questionable Chow, 100 Miles for Hope and Space Force scores a win

Ashley shares a report of “highly inadequate" food given to National Guardsmen still protecting the Capitol. Jeff gets pumped up for the 2021 American Legion 100 Miles for Hope Challenge. CV shares news of a 60 Minutes report that revealed new details about how Iran tried to use commercially available satellite imagery to monitor Ain al-Asad Air Base in Iraq as it prepared to launch more than a dozen ballistic missiles at U.S. and coalition forces in January, 2020, and Team Tango celebrates the Space Force’s missile warning satellite operators who helped foil the attack. Rapid Fire A Navy WAVE celebrates her 100th birthday in style, more nefarious activities at Ft. Hood as Army CID special agent is accused of seeking puffer fish toxin before poisoning his wife, a trailblazing Ranger grad reignites the debate over the ACFT and LEGO Top Gun Maverick trailer looks better than the actual movie. Episode Links:

Tango Alpha Lima



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