SE3-EP106 Tango Alpha Lima: Army Veteran and author Br. Logan M. Isaac, HoSM

IN THE NEWS A greedy Michigan Guardsman filed a pay inquiry for a missing part-time drill paycheck, prompting an investigation that uncovered he had been quietly collecting full pay and allowances for more than two years after resigning from full-time Guard status with the Hawaii National Guard Active Reserve in 2017. The NCO is awaiting trial for theft of more than $200,000 of public funds. Ashley and Jeff discuss the rationale of the criminal mind. THE GUEST Br. Logan M. Isaac, HoSM, is an Army veteran who is bringing Christian beliefs about military service into the 21st century. He’s breaking down the bias and bad theology that isn’t veteran-friendly. He has a new book that challenges that bad theology, titled “God is a Grunt and More Good News for GIs” Logan talks about how his military experience led him to his complex relationship with Christianity, guilt and moral injury, and the inspiration for his book and and his advocacy to promote human dignity for soldiers and veterans. RAPID FIRE Navy brings new software online in time for sailors’ fitness testing season California American Legion Post 731 makes all World War II, Korean and Vietnam War post members honorary life members SHOW NOTES

Tango Alpha Lima



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