SE3-EP98 Tango Alpha Lima: "Jungle Combat" with retired U.S. Marine Corps Col. John "Ace" Astle

IN THE NEWS CV makes a guest appearance, and he and Ashley get excited for 100 Miles for Hope and the Boston Tough Ruck. THIS WEEK'S GUEST Jeff and Ashley spend time with retired U.S. Marine Corps Col. John "Ace" Astle, talking about his new book, "Jungle Combat: A Combat Pilot’s Tape Recorded Transcripts from Vietnam 1968-1969," as well as a lifetime of expereiences that included his service in the military - including a tour in Vietnam and a tour as a Marine One Presidential helicopter pilot, law enforcement, and the Maryland General Assembly.  RAPID FIRE Russia's alleged use of hypersonic missile in combat Ukrainian girl who sang 'Let it Go' in a bomb shelter sings Ukranian national anthem at a charity concert in Poland Taliban cancels higher education for girls - to the surprise of nobody. SHOW NOTES

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