SE5-EP216 Tango Alpha Lima: Wounded veteran and powerlifting champ Omar 'Crispy' Avila

BRAVO ZULU The American Legion Family of Arizona Post 136 supports their community THE INTERVIEW Sgt. Omar Avila, is an Army veteran who survived an IED blast that resulted in burns over 75% of his body and the amputation of right leg. Better known as "Crispy," Avila joins the podcast to talk about his story of recovery, success as a paralympic athlete and his life of service dedicated to his country and his fellow veterans. SCUTTLEBUTT Toxic Exposure Screenings: Veterans Report Spotty Follow-Up on Questionnaire Meant to Boost Health Care and Benefits So does the Air Force have new aces now? 'Tales from the Grid Square' brings servicemembers stories of the supernatural to the masses SHOW NOTES @Crispy11b

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