SE5-EP215 Tango Alpha Lima: USU CHAMP with Capt. J. Russell Linderman and Andrea Lindsey

BRAVO ZULU Post steps up to help Sea Cadets THE INTERVIEW The Uniformed Services University School of Medicine Consortium of Health and Military Performance (CHAMP), is a designated DoD Center of Excellence specializing in Total Force Fitness and Human Performance Optimization. Deputy Director, Capt. J. Russell Linderman and Director of Operation Supplement Safety and Senior Nutrition Scientist Andrea Lindsey join the podcast to discuss how CHAMP helps to enhance Warfighter readiness through evidence-based human performance optimization knowledge, guidance, and operational support. SCUTTLEBUTT 'Band of Brothers' cast dropping into Normandy INDEF DOD IDs inconvenience Air Travelers The Army’s Future Vertical Lift Initiative Experiences a Hard Landing SHOW NOTES @hprconline

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