Legion supports bill to fund veteran construction apprenticeship programs 

Legion supports bill to fund veteran construction apprenticeship programs 

The American Legion supports the Spectrum and National Security Act, a reauthorization bill that would provide funds for veteran construction apprenticeship programs, improve security of U.S. communication networks and more. 

U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell, chair of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, sponsored the Spectrum and National Security Act, which will modernize the nation’s spectrum policy to protect our communications networks against foreign adversaries, restore Federal Communications Commission auction authority, secure critical broadband funding to keep Americans connected, and invest in CHIPS and Science innovation initiatives that will boost U.S. technological competitiveness.  

Veterans Employment and Education Commission Chairman Jay Bowen said The American Legion looks forward to working with Congress to ensure passage of the legislation. 

"The bill promotes both licensed and unlicensed spectrum innovation, removing some of the restrictions to development,” he said. “And significantly, this bill will provide funding for education grants related to veteran apprenticeship programs to enhance technical education and opportunities for veterans. We are thankful for Sen. Cantwell’s leadership, and the opportunity to expand veteran education in technology fields.” 

The bill, S4207, is now in a Senate committee.

“By modernizing federal spectrum strategy and restoring auction authority, we can promote innovation, boost U.S. competitiveness, and complete the ‘rip and replace’ necessary to strengthen our national security,” Cantwell said. “Importantly, this proposal will also allow us to make important investments, such as $500 million to educate, train, and expand our future telecommunications workforce.”

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