Milcon, VA appropriations bill passes House

H.R. 3082, a bill that would greatly increase VA funding for medical services, support and facilities, passed the House of Representatives on July 10.

The bill provides an additional $4.4 billion for the Veterans Health Administration in 2010, and provides additional money for mental health services, homeless veterans and medical research. The bill also includes funding for 28 new Vet Centers and 30 new community-based outpatient clinics. Overall, H.R. 3082 would provide $77.9 billion in discretionary spending for fiscal 2010.

"There are many things to like in this bill," American Legion National Commander David K. Rehbein said. "It is pro-veteran and pro-military. I urge the Senate to follow suit and for the president to sign it."

Last September, Rehbein testified before a joint session of the Veterans Affairs Committees and outlined the Legion's funding recommendations for fiscal 2010, and expressed support for advance appropriations for VA medical care accounts. This bill would meet or exceed those recommendations.