2009 post histories due soon

For post historians who have cataloged 2009 in the lives of their posts, now is the time to submit entries for judging at the department level and have a chance for the entry to move to the National Post History Contest.

Entries in the categories of One-Year Narrative and Yearbook will be judged by the department historian during department conventions. Only the first-place finisher in each category, certified as such by the department historian, will be sent to National Headquarters, where it will be judged in the national contest by a committee of past and present department and national historians during the 2010 Fall National Executive Committee Meetings on Oct. 11-14. Winners will receive plaques. All entries must be certified and submitted to National Headquarters by Sept. 15.

Convention dates vary by department. For this and other information regarding the contest, contact your department historian. A directory of Legion departments can be found here. For department historians, the National Department History Contest, for the best yearly department One-Year Narrative and Yearbook histories, will also take place at National Headquarters during Fall Meetings; these entries are due by Sept. 15, as well.

If you did not put together an entry for the 2009 calendar year, consider starting now on 2010's. These documents can serve as templates for future Legionnaires at your post to continue the activities and community service that make your post special. Use your Consolidated Post Report as a record of events to cover. Handy guidelines and advice on creating archives can be found in the Post Officers Guide, beginning on page 161.