Civics, youth fitness and more in April American Legion Magazine

Civics, youth fitness and more in April American Legion Magazine

Civics in the classroom, the importance of youth fitness, and a soldier's Vietnam experience told through boxes -- read these articles and more in the April 2021 American Legion Magazine digital edition. The clickable digi-mag is available through

• In "Whatever Happened to Civics?", S. Adam Seagrave writes that serious deficiencies in U.S. civics and history education are depriving generations of Americans of the knowledge needed to maintain our republic. "The events of recent months underscore the urgency of strengthening our civic fabric," he writes. "There is a general acknowledgment of the fact that a constitutional democracy such as ours cannot survive on STEM alone."

• With the high rate of youth obesity becoming a national security issue, Rob Wilkins -- a representative on the President's Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition and American Legion member -- is calling for a renewed commitment to physical activity.

• A bigger, better 100 Miles for Hope challenge launches April 1. Participants receive a medal, and can raise funds for the Legion's Veterans & Children Foundation by purchasing 100 Miles gear and asking friends and family to support their wellness goals with donations.

• Retired Army Col. Keith Nightingale recalls how daily life in Vietnam was defined by boxes -- ammo boxes, C-ration boxes, wooden crates, steel Conex containers and, in some cases, aluminum coffins.

• One of the first residents at his Oregon state veterans' home to be diagnosed with COVID-19, William Lapschies made a full recovery -- in time to celebrate his 105th birthday this month.

• National Commander James W. "Bill" Oxford describes how Legionnaires' response to COVID-19 -- from food deliveries to providing personal protection equipment (PPE) to health-care workers -- is a perfect expression of our motto: "Veterans Strengthening America."

• In Big Issues, U.S. Reps. Brad Schneider, D-Ill., and Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., debate the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act.

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