Legion brochures help recruit members

Two new American Legion brochures illustrate the many ways the organization serves veterans and their communities nationwide: "How We Help" and "Why You Should Belong."

"How We Help." This brochure focuses on programs and services the Legion provides at the local level to improve the lives of veterans, military personnel, their families and communities. The full-color booklet chronicles in photography and text many of the ways that the Legion works on behalf of veterans who served and those who are still serving our nation. The booklet is packed with valuable information about how the Legion provides expert resources, financial assistance, advocacy and more on a range of topics, from career training to benefit claims assistance to family and community support.

"Why You Should Belong." This full-color brochure educates prospective new members on the Legion’s Four Pillars and how they translate into action. To those unfamiliar with the Legion’s reach into nearly every community in America, this brochure identifies and explains dozens of helpful programs that impact millions of lives each year.

Both publications are part of this spring’s bulk shipment, and are available now for download: www.legion.org/publications

Departments, districts or posts can request additional copies. Posts and districts are encouraged to work with their departments to order them. Orders can be made through Kellie Singleton at The American Legion by email: ksingleton@legion.org or call (317) 630-1327