2020 Membership Workshop survey, presentations online

2020 Membership Workshop survey, presentations online

The American Legion held its 57th annual National Membership Workshop virtually Aug. 3-6 with great success.

About 240 Legionnaires logged on through Microsoft Teams for each of the eight sessions. Attendees included National Commander James W. "Bill" Oxford, past national commanders, members of national committees and commissions, and other department leadership. The Mission and Vision session drew the highest number of attendees with 310.

A Membership Workshop survey is available for attendees to take to provide feedback.

Visit legion.org/training/membership for access to audio presentation files and PowerPoint slides for all eight sessions. These are available for Legion Family members to use for training at the post, district and department level.

"We can use our response to the COVID-19 emergency as part of our story," Oxford said during his opening remarks for the workshop. See how the Legion Family has responded to the pandemic. "The story of why veterans should belong to The American Legion. The story of what The American Legion does for veterans, their communities, their departments and their nation.

"The American Legion is about service. And we are about patriotism.

"The most important message that we have to remember is that we need every Legionnaire to be a recruiter. Remember, I’m extremely proud of your efforts and with everyone’s help and participation I believe The American Legion is, and can continue to be, a growing, dynamic, effective organization with our best days still ahead."