Over $613,600 aids posts affected by COVID

Over $613,600 aids posts affected by COVID

In 2021, The American Legion Mission Blue Post Assistance program disbursed over $613,600 in grants to assist 423 local posts whose operations were adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Mission Blue program went into effect following the adoption of Resolution No. 36 by the National Executive Committee during the 2020 Fall Meetings. Since its adoption, more than $859,600 has been disbursed to 610 American Legion posts.

The Mission Blue grants are to help pay current or past due rent, mortgage, utilities and insurance premiums.

American Legion posts who meet the following criteria for the Mission Blue Post Assistance grant are eligible to receive up to $2,000. Department commanders/adjutants must certify the post meets the criteria.

Qualifying criteria

Eligible American Legion posts must have:

– A Consolidated Post Report on file at National Headquarters.
– Filed an IRS 990 within the prescribed due date.
– Filed all other required forms and reports as prescribed by the department and National Headquarters
– Actively participated in one or more American Legion programs within the last 18 months.
– A financial need.
– A certificate of insurance for all liability coverage naming The American Legion doing business as (dba) The American Legion National Headquarters and the post’s department as an additional insured. (Submit declaration page showing coverage.)
– Documentation indicating that the post is properly incorporated.

Apply for a Mission Blue Post Assistance grant. Posts have until July 1 to apply.

American Legion posts who do not have a CPR and/or a current certificate of insurance listing The American Legion National Headquarters as an additional insured may still qualify for receiving up to $1,000.