Mansfield Veterans Memorial Park

Mansfield Veterans Memorial Park

An acre and a half public park with a 4 x 8 foot black granite memorial in the center, dedicated to all Mansfield area veterans and in memoriam for veterans of all wars. A 50 foot diameter circle of gray pavers with a red brick star in the center. At the tip of each point of the star is a 24" black granite emblem for each of the five branches of military service. Four benches are around the circle and eight more, all dedicated to area servicemen by their families, are in a semicircle facing the memorial. Additionally, eight picnic benches -- also dedicated by families, are around the perimeter. Numerous trees were also provided by families with appropriate plaques honoring loved ones for their service. A six foot black metal cutout of a kneeling soldier also decorates the park, with a plaque to a WWII veteran and a light at night. A 24 foot gazebo and three flagpoles also are located there. Services are held at the park by the VFW for Memorial Day, and by the American Legion, jointly with the VFW for Patriot Day (9/11) and for Veterans Days. Numerous times throughout the year the park is used by the community for various public events.

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Date of Installation:

September 22, 2001

Organization Responsible for Installation:

Austin - Cox American Legion Post 478

Memorial War Era(s):



West Wellsboro Street (U.S. Route 6) Mansfield, Pennsylvania WWI Memorial intersection of Routes 6 & 15

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Mansfield Veterans Memorial Park

Mansfield Veterans Memorial Park


Published on May 4, 2017