World War I and II Memorial, Green Hills Cemetery, Asheville

The memorial to World War I and World War II dead is in the form of an exedra of classical Greek design; an exedra being a stone running bench supported by a podium. The podium has a gentle curved top and is supported along with the bench by short granite blocks. The podium, bench and support blocks all rest on a single base. Total height of the structure is approximately 5- feet high and 20-feet long. Incised into the podium’s center at the top is a Gold Star Mothers emblem. To the left of this emblem is the “Prop and Wings” insignia which designated the Army Air Corp during World War II. To the right is the Marine Corps coat of arms. On the left supporting block is the Army coat of arms and on the right block is the Navy coat of arms. Centered in front of the memorial is a single flag pole.

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Date of Installation:

July 10, 1949

Organization Responsible for Installation:

Buncombe County Chapter Gold Star Mothers

Memorial War Era(s):



The memorial is located in the Memorial Lawn section of Green Hills Cemetery. The cemetery entrance is at 25 New Leicester Highway in Asheville, NC.

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Published on May 17, 2017