Gaston County Confederate Soldiers Monument, Dallas

This monument is composed a large, square piece of granite. It bears a color inlay of North Carolina's flag of 1861, ratified just after the state seceded from the Union. The inscription on the front commemorates the service of more than 1,500 Gaston County men who served as soldiers for the Confederacy. The rear of the monument is inscribed with the regiments of Gaston County soldiers and the Latin phrase "DEO VINDICI." The rallying cry of the Confederacy, this phrase is translated as "God will vindicate us."

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Date of Installation:

May 4, 2003

Organization Responsible for Installation:

Sons of Confederate Veterans of Gaston County

Memorial War Era(s):



The memorial marker is located in front of the historic Gaston County Courthouse on North Gaston Street in Dallas, NC

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Published on May 17, 2017