Memorial Plaque at Rockbridge Memorial Gardens

A bronze plaque, 36 X 30 inches, set on black polished granite, with the names of veterans buried in Rockbridge Memorial Gardens. The plaque was dedicated on Thursday, 30 May 1968 at a Memorial Day service. At the top of the plaque are the words in capital letters: DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY. Below those words in the left and right sides of the plaque are the symbols of the branches of the military services (Army, Air Force, Navy & Marines). Between the symbols in all caps are the words: WELL DONE. Last line in all caps are the words: BE THOU AT REST. Below are the names of the first 128 veterans buried in the Rockbridge Memorial Gardens in order of their burial.


Date of Installation:

May 30, 1968

Memorial War Era(s):



Rockbridge Memorial Gardens is located at 116 Peaceful Lane, Lexington, Virginia. It is just off Route 60 between Buena Vista and Lexington, Virginia and across from Popular Hill Exxon Station.

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Published on July 12, 2017