American Legion Memorial honoring all those who served our country

The monument is a granite obelisk with four sides and a pointed top. The "facing" side explains the memorial and who erected it. The other three sides display the seals of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and the Merchant Marine. The obelisk is on a circular "patio" with benches around it and has a flagpole behind it. The Monument is positioned in the middle of a circle created by a roadway in Roseland Cemetery, Reedville, Virginia.


Date of Installation:

November 11, 1998

Organization Responsible for Installation:

American Legion Post 117 and the Auxiliary, Reedville, VA

Memorial War Era(s):



Northumberland Highway/US 360 Roseland Cemetery Reedville, Virginia 22539

Photo Gallery:


Published on August 20, 2017