Ames Veteran's Memorial

Ames Veteran's Memorial

Ames Veteran's Memorial in honor of our veterans in grateful memory of our fallen comrades in all wars, who bore the brunt of the battle--on land, on sea, or in the air--and gave their lives for God and country in supreme sacrifice upon the Altar of Freedom, we humbly and with due reverence dedicate this memorial field. May those who pause here be reminded that freedom for our country has been purchased, written and paid in full only with the price of the precious life-blood of our fallen heroes.

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Date of Installation:

August 16, 1997

Organization Responsible for Installation:

Jayne-Kennedy American Legion Post 340

Memorial War Era(s):

Persian Gulf


Main Street Ames, Oklahoma 73718

Photo Gallery:

Ames Veteran's Memorial


Published on February 17, 2018