Jimmy Lee Campbell Memorial Park

Jimmy Lee Campbell Memorial Park

During the park’s development, the City was approached by a friend of Jimmy Lee Campbell requesting that the park be named after Jimmy. Mr. Campbell lived at this location as a child prior to the City purchasing the property. Dedicated in February of 2009, this community gathering place pays tribute to Cpl. Jimmy Lee Campbell and eight of his comrades, who all died in the Vietnam War or as a result of that conflict. Honors Cpl. Billy K. Carver, Spc. Frank E. Faught, TSG. Dallas S. Perryman, Cpl. Grover W. Boston, Sgt. Phillip D. Sanders, Cpl. Edgar P. Pulliam, Jr., Spc. Donald P. Sloat and Spc. Ruben Wayne Dykes. Coweta lost more men per capita in the Vietnam War than any other community in the entire United States.


Date of Installation:

February 14, 2009

Organization Responsible for Installation:

Coweta Community and Zoal Stringer American Legion Post 226

Memorial War Era(s):



119 East Cypress Street, behind the Library in Downtown Coweta, Oklahoma

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Jimmy Lee Campbell Memorial Park


Published on January 20, 2019