Spirit of the American Doughboy - Henryetta, Oklahoma

Spirit of the American Doughboy - Henryetta, Oklahoma

A coal producing small town in 1923 was Henryetta, Oklahoma During the 4th of July Coal festival Karnival the veterans and Henryetta residence decided to have a fund raising event to bring a Doughboy to town. In the fall of 1923 all the necessary funds were raised by veterans to buy the statue. To raise funds veterans operated a concession stands at the "Karnival" in Henryetta. The Doughboy was dedicated on November 26, 1923 but had no pedestal to rest on. For nineteen months the Doughboy was displayed in the windows of shops and stores while funds were raised to build a pedestal for the Doughboy to stand on. On July 4, 1925 the Doughboy was placed on a pedestal at the intersection of two main highways in the center of 4th and Main Street. The Federal government requested Doughboy be relocated and finally in 1969 the Doughboy and pedestal was moved to the lawn of the Henryetta Library. A new bronze plate was created in 1991 to include WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam local veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice to their country. At last a major cleaning and restoration was done to the Doughboy in 1999 and after sealing and repairs was presented to the town of Henryetta in November 1999. Inscribed on the bronze plate is: The “American Doughboy”, represents the American Soldier of WWI. He is charging over the top toward the enemy line, carrying full field equipment, he was erected as a memorial to the war veterans, “By the People.” He arrived in Henryetta on Monday, November 26, 1923. This memorial plate bears inscription, “To the memory of all in this area who paid the supreme sacrifice in all wars. Was cast, “By the People,” the year of 1991”. World War I Adams, Martin L. Anderson, Frank Arnold, Balie Banks, Hubert M. Barrie, Sapper A. Bibbe, Williams A. Boerstler, Harry E. Cullen, Norman A. Guthrie, Gavin T. Haislip, Eurla O. Kulas, Harry Phillips, Cecil B. Teague, Julian F. Tippie, Charles E. Tucci, Guisseppe World War II Baird, Charles L. Blackmon, Jesse C. Brown, Claud A. Brown, Elbert L., Sr. Bungard, Harvey B. Bungard, Jack Caldwell, C.A. Calhoun, Kenneth D. Creech, Burl L. Dellinger, Lloyd A. Eastham, Ernest Edwards, Norland Ehrlich, C.H. Ellis, Donald E. Ellis, James L. Flake, Caswell A., Jr. Fontaine, Charles E. Geary, Leonard D. Gonderman, Raymond Hamilton, Jack Hedrick, Calvin K. Holliday, L.L. Hott, Earl D. Hold, Frankie S. Howard, Nippy W. Howard W.R. Bill Kaler, Roy W. Lackey, Marvin Toots Lambert, Paul R. Lester, S.T. Lewis, Chester C. McGill, Edward L. McIntyre, Jack McKay, John E. McLaughlin, Daniel C. McMorris, Allen R. Masero, Steve Montgomery, Carl S. Murphy, Buck New, Eldred W. Norman, Ethel Parker, Delmar A., Jr. Parker, Wilbur H. Peavler, Roy M. Porter, Elmer Richardson, Merle Robnett, Frankie N. Runyan, Marcel V. Sams, John N. Sharp, Gomer N. Sisemore, Lloyd L. Sisson, Glenn R. Sisson, John R. Sites, William J. Stall, Joseph Jr. Teague, Foster Thompson, Thomas J. Tomlinson, Leonard L. Turan, Fritz G. Whiteley, Fred Willis, Robert J. Wynne, Richard C. Korean War Madden, David E. Whiteman, M.H. Buddy Winn, Harry Jr. Vietnam War Crawford, Michael A. Grundy, Anthony

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Date of Installation:

November 26, 1923

Organization Responsible for Installation:

VFW, Norman A. Cullen American Legion Post 85, residents of Henryetta, Oklahoma

Memorial War Era(s):



Henryetta Public Library 518 W. Main Street Henryetta, OK 74437

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Spirit of the American Doughboy - Henryetta, Oklahoma


Published on January 31, 2019