“The Right of Passage”

“The Right of Passage”

The "The Right of Passage" is a World War II Naval memorial located at Farragut State Park in Idaho's Panhandle near Lake Pend Oreille. Behind the mast flagpole is a bust known as "Mack," positioned on a base resembling a whale boat, a boat made of steel and holding up to 16 Navy recruits. The recruits were trained to row the boats in unison, learning a valuable lesson in teamwork. Surrounding the whale boat and facing the flags are 29 sets of footprints at attention, commemorating the numbers (in tens of thousands) of men who trained at Farragut. Look closely at Mack’s hair when you visit.

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Date of Installation:

September 8, 2006

Organization Responsible for Installation:

Veterans of the United States Navy

Memorial War Era(s):



The Brig at Farragut State Park 15704 Hwy. 54 Athol, Idaho GPS: 47.965230, -116.580826

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“The Right of Passage”

“The Right of Passage”

“The Right of Passage”


Published on June 22, 2020