Stationary Low Power Reactor 1 (SL-1) Memorial

Stationary Low Power Reactor 1 (SL-1) Memorial

On Jan. 3, 1961, two soldiers and a sailor died during the Stationary Low Power Reactor 1 (SL-1) accident. 61 years later, there is finally a place to honor and remember the ultimate sacrifice of Richard Legg, John Byrnes and Richard McKinley. Their names may never have appeared at the same memorial until now. In four short paragraphs, we are taken from that cold January evening in 1961, the accident, the chaos, and the thread of the lessons learned that is woven into the safety culture at every nuclear facility. As you look up from the memorial, you are looking toward the former SL-1 site less than 10 miles away. Bring a chair for quiet contemplation. Thanks to INL and DOE for their support in making the SL-1 Memorial a reality.

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Date of Installation:

April 11, 2022

Organization Responsible for Installation:

Idaho National Lab / Department of Energy

Memorial War Era(s):



The SL-1 Memorial is at the Experimental Breeder Reactor I (EBR-1) about 18 miles southeast of Arco, ID 83213 43 30'43.64" N 113 00'17.67 W 4330.72 N 11300.30 W

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Stationary Low Power Reactor 1 (SL-1) Memorial


Published on June 18, 2022